The next programs on our platform will be:

Teacher Training and Certification, and Online Counselling.

Outline of the subject matter: 

1. Introduction to the Emotional Intelligence Series.

Subject matter: Social Emotional Learning (SEL) & Behavior Management.

Audience: Psychotherapists, Educationists, Counselors and Coaches.

2. Our Moderator, Speakers, Panelists & Contributors

3. Introduction to: Emotions, Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Quotient 

Multiple Intelligence. And the EQ vs. IQ debate.

4. EI PERSPECTIVES. (Discussion with respect to each):

a) The parent.

b) The student, along with child development & career guidance.

c) The Educational & Institutional

d) The Counselling    i.Psychotherapist

ii. Teacher/Counsellor  iii.Online and in person

e) Health  Aspects    i.Physical  ii.Mental

f) Societal and Human.

g) Teacher Training and certification.

h) Importance for H.R.,  Emotional Intelligence is the new elephant in the room. Worldwide, in any job evaluation, EQ Assessment is given 30% points, Qualifications 30% , Experience 30% and Personality 10%.  Why do we not adopt the same standards?

i) Technological. The future! Artificial PLUS Emotional Intelligence.

j) Governmental and institutional.

k) EI Assessment and Profiling.

l) Groups, Associations, Organizations and related social media Information sources.

We invite all interested in EI to become a member in the professionals group “Emotional Intelligence Alliance” on LinkedIN, an open source platform for all stakeholders across India and abroad. In addition, we will have videos featuring esteemed speakers and panelists and publish articles starting September 2019. Please assist in this new and exciting frontier of knowledge and join 
The Emotional Intelligence Revolution! For we have miles to go, and miles to go. Thank you.
Looking forward to your valued participation. 
Team Discover My Mind.

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