What Is Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand, evaluate, regulate and employ emotions to maximize our abilities, inter and intra-personal relationships, and self awareness.

We have several options that enhance your child’s multiple intelligence, learning abilities and talents. This is done by mapping the intellect with proven tests used by leading educationists worldwide.

Discover My Mind is a community of people dedicated to Emotional Intelligence and related sciences. This is designed for educationists, parents, counsellors, coaches and psychotherapists.With the help of eminent contributors and participants, our main objectives are:

  • Need of the hour education and awareness on the subject matter.
  • Provide training and certification of teachers and coaches. 
  • Conduct insightful webinars and podcasts on social media.
  • Profiling and assessment of students for academic success and career planning.
  • Provide online counselling by experts.
  • Provide a nationwide knowledge exchange and networking  membership platform..  
  • Provide a unique practice management solution for psychotherapists.   
  • Provide a platform for mental health professionals to promote their expertise.

Invest in your mind. It is the most precious asset we have.

It is essential that a child be emotionally healthy in order to be academically successful. This is not only a fact of life but the inconvenient truth. Unfortunately, children do not come with an ‘operations manual’ when they are born. Each child has their own personality with varying levels of intelligence, emotions and learning abilities. Often, we do not know what to do when a child is under achieving or sometimes unmanageable. The emphasis has been on the Intelligence Quotient, or I.Q. with grades in mind, as opposed to the Emotional Quotient or E.Q. which is many, many times more important. Each child has multiple intelligence, such as logic, memory, aptitude, skillset etc. which form the E.Q. Some of these abilities are at a higher level than others. In order to achieve a child’s maximum scholastic potential, it is highly recommended that an E.Q. assessment be done, the learning attributes are identified and remedial teaching methods employed to help the student regain self confidence and help in career planning.

At Discover My Mind, we have the best value proposition. This is the result of work done by renowned psychologists who are experts on the subject matter. Once the assessment is done, certified counsellors are available for further guidance as may be needed.