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Emotional Intelligence is about channelizing emotions in a way to achieve preconceived results. It is the ability to understand, evaluate, regulate and employ emotions to maximize competence, inter and intrapersonal relationships and self awareness.

We have an new way to enhance your child's multiple intelligence, learning abilities and talents. This is done by mapping the intellect with a proven test used by leading educationists worldwide.

About Us

Emotional (EQ) assessments are an important learning platform in most countries. This is a joint effort between Mr. Vasant Agarwal and a renowned psychologist to bring this important evaluation and guidance program to India.

Mr Agarwal holds a Masters Degree from U.C.L.A. and a Diploma from Cambridge University, England. An is arenowned author, speaker and consultant on behavior management.

The author is an entrepreneur who returned to India after many years in the U.S. and became a champion of helping people afflicted with different kinds of addiction. From a Senior Management Consultant to the MD of a major solar company; from designing state of the art electric vehicles to the creating the largest gift accessories company in California; from a innovator in Emotional Intelligence solutions for India to a successful author, speaker and counsellor on harm reduction.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is all about channelizing emotions in a way to achieve preconceived results. It is the ability to understand, evaluate, regulate and employ a student's emotions to maximize our productivity, inter-personal relationships, and self awareness. Every students has a unique personality that thinks & understands what is being taught in totally separate ways. Each has multiple inborn intelligences that require and respond to different learning techniques for personal development. This must be done as early as possible to assure academic success.

Why is it important?

An accurate assessment of the Emotional DNA of a student is essential to enhance his or her academic development. This is important for parents as well, as it ensures their child achieves the maximum potential possible in order to achieve their career goals in the most successful manner.

Emotional Intelligence Test: A detailed analysis of the emotional intelligence attributes of the child. Multiple Intelligence Test: A complete analysis of the unique intelligences and components of the mind.


Dr. H.M. Kishsheshtra

President, Indian School Counsellors Association.

"This should be a requirement in all schools across the country. With it the blame game between the parent and the teachers for nonperformance by the student will go away".

Dr. Saurabh Chopra

M.D., Consultant, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

"A Very much needed support methodology in our schools today. Congratulations."

Ms. Neelam Jain

Principal, Silver Bells School, Dehradun.

"Ideal for any type of learning disability. Well done".

Ms. Sonali Gupta

Principal, Sri Ram School, Noida.

"Very Impressive product for academic skills enhancement".