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Emotional intelligence is an important skill that can help us in our personal and work lives. It means understanding our feelings and those of others, and being good at managing them. By improving emotional intelligence, we can have better relationships, know ourselves better and feel more satisfied.

To help your child develop their potential, we use tests and strategies that help discover their strengths and abilities. With this information, we create a personalized approach tailored to their needs and learning style. This helps them achieve success in their personal and academic life. 

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Vasant K Agarwal sir's approach to emotional intelligence is undeniably enlightening. His depth of knowledge is profound, and his ability to articulate complex concepts in an accessible manner. He navigates the vast expanse of emotional intelligence with such dexterity and grace that one can't help but admire his mastery in this field.
Dr. Sneha Sharma
The book covers close to everything there is to know about Emotional Intelligence - right from definitions, certain models, benefits, and neuroscience of emotions and even EQ Assessments. I especially enjoyed reading the bits on searching for happiness and am glad that the author touched topics like depression and mental health as well.
Dr. Saumya Goyal
It is well written which covers, What, Why comprehensively. It deals extensively with parenting and child development and upbringing. It has the El test and multiple intelligence test as well. It is a well written and comprehensive book.
Rajagopalan Purushotham
Corporate EI Specialist
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