Why EQ Profiling & Assessment is Important for Child Development

The thoughts, feelings and emotions get induced in a person when s/he enters this world. It develops with time, and if one understands how to manage it at an early age rather than later, it works wonders at all levels. But there is a major problem. The parents, most with tall expectations from their children, make all the efforts to focus on increasing the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of the child and sadly do not think of the Emotional Quotient (EQ). In fact, many of them are not even aware of this field which is gaining ground at a swift pace and has emerged as the need of the hour. But you may ask, what is the need of focusing on EQ in the first place? .The answer is simple. If one cannot balance emotions or do not know how to control them, he or she faces the following problems leading to unwanted consequences:

  1. Overreaction.
  2. Distraction and disappointment.
  3. Academic performance suffers.
  4. Depression, possibly leading to some form of addiction.

Parents and teachers should understand that EQ is the feeder factor for IQ. If the EQ is higher, the IQ automatically improves. It is a fact that our mind stays with thoughts which are 25% positive and remaining, negative. If negative thoughts are erased through interventions; they turn into love, empathy, compassion, effective communication and positive outcomes. Higher level of Emotional Intelligence comprises of Self Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management and brings great benefits for the person which are:

  1. Stress Management
  2. Conflict Resolution
  3. Social skills
  4. Judgement skills
  5. Leadership skills
  6. Longevity
  7. Happiness
  8. Self- esteem
  9. Self-motivation
  10. Empathy and compassion
  11. Improved performance

Our recommendation is that if you find your child becoming unmanageable, avail the assistance of an EQ profiling and assessment program. This will diagnose the symptoms so behavior management can be done. Thousands of students and parents in other countries have benefited from this approach and this is now being implemented in knowledge-driven societies like India.

 The Benefits of our EQ Assessment & Profing, and Training & Certification Program to the College and University are:
1. By taking proactive steps on the importance of mental health, we will be seen as a “clean and progressive”  institution unlike others, and parents will value this        when they are looking to enroll their child.
2. The blame game between the parent, the student and the teacher for  under-performance by the child will go away. 
    The issue is not the teacher, the tuition or the parent, but the mental health of the student.
3. The drop out rate will come down and attendance and grades will go up.
4. There will be less disruption in the classroom and campus.
5. The academic standing of the school will improve.
6. It will provide  experiential counselling and minimize the need for expensive  psychiatrist referrals for the parent.

We will be pleased to refer you to the best psychotherapists in your city who are experts in Personal Profiling and Assessment.

A personal profile EQ Assessment is important in achieving scholastic success. It will:
Identify personal thinking preferences so that learning can be tailored to achieve the student’s goals.
Enable the parent to understand how their child thinks, learns and understands.
Contribute to the student’s  self confidence  and self-esteem
Provide insight into the what, how and why of the student’s behavior and how to manage it with empathy and compassion.
Establish much needed communication in order to restore relationships.
Make the right subject and career choices.
Deal effectively with stress, anxiety and in some cases, depression.
Identify inborn talents and strengths

EQ Assessment and Profiling

We are unaware that EQ is many times more important that our IQ. It is well known that a child cannot be academically successful if they are not emotionally healthy.