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On-demand webinars on
emotional intelligence

This powerful series of webinars will enable us learn about the ways of developing our EQ  (Emotional Quotient) This is about recognizing, understanding, using and managing emotions inter and intra personally leading to improved academic performance, avoid depression and help us become more assertive, responsible, successful and self-confident. We strongly believe that these webinars on Emotional Intelligence will give participants the understanding of the subject matter and foster emotional wellbeing and happiness.

  • For your convenience and due to frequent network connectivity issues, the webinars are
    on demand and can be viewed at any time via a link which will be sent to you.
  • The webinars will begin on November 30th, 2019 and every subsequent week thereafter.
  • Please Note that the last date for confirmed registration is November 25th, 2019
  • Duration: 1 hour each
  • Number of Webinars: 4
  • Once you register,  you will be sent a webinar confirmation.
  • Webinars are only for individual viewing. If you wish to present them to a larger audience, please request broadcast permission.
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vasant agarwal

Mr Agarwal holds a Masters Degree from U.C.L.A. and a I.S.C. Diploma from Cambridge University, England. He is an author, speaker and consultant on behavior management.

An entrepreneur who has returned to India after many years in the U.S. and become a champion of helping people enhance their multiple intelligence. 

Speaker Participants

Dr. Hemant Lawanghare

Dean, Emotional Intelligence MBA program, Bombay university.

Dr. Ajay Rana

Dean & Director, Amity university, Noida

Dr. Saurabh Chopra

M.D., Consultant, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Dr. H.M. Kulshrestha

President, Indian school counsellors association.

Mr. Ravi Santlani

CEO Scoonews, one of the largest educational portals.

Mr. Dattatreya Y

Emotional Intelligence author and expert.

Dr. Lata Singh

President, Meraviglia academy, teacher training & certification expert.

Dr. Ashis Sen

Chairman, Indian Forum for Emotional Intelligence learning

Outline of the subject matter: 

1. Introduction to the Emotional Intelligence Series.

Subject matter: Social Emotional Learning (SEL) & Behavior Management.

Audience: Psychotherapists, Educationists, Counselors and Coaches.

2. Our Moderator, Speakers, Panelists & Contributors

3. Introduction to: Emotions, Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Quotient 

Multiple Intelligence. And the EQ vs. IQ debate.

4. EI PERSPECTIVES. (Discussion with respect to each):


Program Announcement & Request For Participation.

We present an excellent opportunity to network with professionals to share their expertise on Emotional Intelligence, the key to academic success, counselling and career planning. We invite educationists and mental health experts to submit articles on the subject matter, and to participate in our WEBINARS. Your participation in webinars also makes you a member of the LinkedIn group Emotional Intelligence Alliance

Subscription Fee for Webinars: INR 2495/--
Subscription Fee for Webinars: INR 2495/-

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For Urgent inquiries: +919625691703